Tips to make your Kitchen look bigger

Use white on walls & cabinets: Kitchens or any space look great in white, so don’t hesitate to use white in your kitchen cabinets as well as the walls. This will make the room look more spacious & bright.

Using Vertical stripes wallpaper : Vertical stripes create an illusion of taller spaces, so another alternative is to use wallpaper with a narrow stripe to achieve a more spacious look in the kitchen.

Using narrow furniture :Since space in your kitchen is limited , choose furniture that is slim or narrow. Avoid tables and chairs with broad legs or design.

Use the minimalist style cabinetry : Avoid ornate handles on the doors or carved cabinets that overpower the space by adding heaviness to the visual composition.

Use bright lighting : Light has a way of brightening up a room and distracting from the small size. Whether it’s natural light or artificial illumination from LED bulbs, keeping your kitchen well-lit will ensure that it looks bigger than it is.



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