Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens is often called as the heart of the home.No wonder why you should consider revamping your old rickety kitchen and improve it’s look and functionality.These are some of the most popular Modular Kitchen layouts .

Elevation A

L-shaped Modular Kitchen : A contemporary L-shaped kitchen design focuses on easy and modern living style that offers an sophisticated appearance. Such L shaped kitchens embed stylish designs that are ergonomically constructed to be spacious and striking to look.


Straight Modular Kitchen : This layout is a simple, yet functional . It is ideal for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment, where everything should be within reach, including your appliances, cabinets, cooking tools, and ingredients.

Front Elevation

U Shaped Modular Kitchen : U-shaped kitchen is a compact design and takes over three adjoining walls, giving continuous counter space and plenty of storage in both floor and wall cabinets. Larger U-shaped kitchen layouts allow for multiple people to work at different counters at the same time.


Parallel Modular Kitchen : The parallel kitchen is one of the most efficient layouts. It allows for maximum efficiency in a small amount of space.

front view

Island modular kitchen : This layout is not of limited or specific dimension, which means it can be sized appropriate to the available kitchen space. Its a stand-alone kitchen compartment, wherein the island is separated from the main construction area. Its ideal for socializing and enjoy some good time with family or guests.

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